Pump Design and Manufacture for Royal Australian Navy Ships

Pump design and manufacture for sovereign capability

There are gaps in Australia’s intentions to build a sovereign ship building capability; one of those gaps is pump design and manufacture. Traditionally in Australia marine pumps are imported and were then installed and maintained by an Australian SME. This creates issues for through life sustainability, including:

  • Lead times for parts
  • Configuration Management
  • Redundancy Management
  • Maintenance
  • Lost Sea Days

The Federal Government is actively trying to give greater control to the Australian Defence Force over their assets. They are doing this by building and supporting an Australian sustainable ship building industry, that provides sovereign control over the assets.

More Australian products need to be employed and supported in the new ships for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) to enable sovereign control to be realised.

Sovereign control is vitally important to the RAN and not just in times of conflict; having equipment down restricts the ships operational ability and can lead to loss of Sea Days. Marine pumps are essential to the function of any vessel.  

The Maritime Pumps Collaboration

Watmarine Engineering Services and Dobbie identified this as an opportunity to combine their expertise in pumps and manufacturing and joined together in a collaboration to provide this capability to the shipbuilding sector.

Both companies have been actively working together for some time. Their priority was to find the right design house to complement their collaboration with the intent to provide a high quality product and service to the industry.

The right designer had to reflect those values and show the experience and expertise necessary.

This process has taken several months and the collaboration has now been increased to include a very experienced Australian pump designer: 7D Team.