About Us

Maritime Pumps Australia is a collaboration between Dobbie, Watmarine and 7D Team to support the Australian sovereign capability. Each of the three companies has a great deal of experience and are very successful in each of their fields.


Dobbie is a progressive and innovative Australian owned and operated company, incorporating a modern foundry and engineering complex in Perth, Western Australia.

Established in 1940, Dobbie has been a manufacturer of custom castings for the pump and heavy machinery industries and water transfer valves for more than 75 years.

Dobbie, Australian designed and manufactured products, provide outstanding quality, longevity, cost competitiveness and offer sustained value through whole of life serviceability.



Operating since 1989, Watmarine Engineering Services is a leading provider of engineering services to the Defence, Marine, Oil and gas, Mining and Commercial Industries with a focus on the testing, maintenance and repair of pumps.

Watmarine is headquartered in Naval Base, Western Australia. Its facilities house a number of specialist services including General Engineering, Ship Repair & Maintenance, Pump Testing & Repairs, Welding, Fabrication, Abrasive Blasting and Painting.

Being the mainstay of the Australian Navy’s pump repairs for the last 30 years, including FFG’s and FFH classes of ships. Watmarine understands the inefficiencies of using foreign supplied pumps. It is through this frustration and the Governments strategy for Sovereign Control that Watmarine saw the opportunity to correct the situation.

7D Team

7D Team specialises in design engineering for the maritime, mining and mineral processing industries, with an emphasis on pump design.

The 7D Team is a highly specialised designer that provides original designs using sophisticated CAD Modelling & Hydrodynamic Flow Modelling together with old-school engineering disciplines and experience.

7D Team uses 3D scanning technology to improve existing designs. The 7D Team applies this technology to analyse wear patterns, cavitation, recirculation and abrasion which has allowed them to offer design changes to improve performance with great results.

With this technology, redesigning components for improved performance and wear resistance is a far quicker and a more accurate process.

The 7D Team’s technology allows the integration of the pump design into the builders designs and vice versa.

7D Team


Our specialties are complementary, however what we all have in common is experience with a focus on technology and innovation


We create a new capability that is ready for work.


We are not just a start up but a uniquely positioned collaboration that can start design and manufacturing right now.